Installs and Services

We do more than build vans from start to finish

We can assist you with many different parts of your build

Rough ins:

We start the build and take it however far you’d like before handing it back over for you to complete. A rough in usually involves installation of the subfloor, wall framing, wiring, and electrical panel as seen above. Vent fan, air conditioning, windows and solar are also installed at this time, if applicable. A rough in is essentially the beginning stages of a build, the foundation on which the rest of the project sits.


Electrical Panels:

This is undoubtedly the most daunting part of a build for most people. The seemingly infinite information and products can leave you feeling more confused than before you started. Carolina Van Builders has built dozens of electrical control panels using high quality chargers, controllers, and components. These panels can be build to your specific needs and shipped or installed here at our shop.


Solar Arrays:

Full installation of PV panels, wiring, circuit protection, and Victron charge controller. Fully installed packages start at $1100.


We Also Install:

Vent fans
Air conditioners
Spray foam insulation
Webasto heaters
Side flares (Flarespace)

And more! Contact us to see how we can help!