• As of May 2019 we no longer build buses or tiny homes, just vans. Please check out Skoolie.com for bus builds!
  • Used Vehicles: We prefer to build out new vans since they are predictable and have less unforeseen issues that may add time and expense to a project. However, we do accept gently used vans so long as they are in like-new condition and are 5 years and newer. We must be able to see the vehicle in person or have multiple pictures of the inside and out to judge whether its a good fit for a build.
  • Builds that have been started: We do not complete or work on builds started by someone else.
  • What vans will CVB build? We currently only build out high roof Promasters, Transits and Sprinters.
  • How much do your builds cost? Our Basecamp package starts at $29885. Most of our builds are somewhere between $30,000-$45,000. Price is totally dependent upon the scope of work. Rough in’s start at around $10,000
  • What van is the best platform to build on? That really depends. We prefer the Promaster 159” because of its width, somewhat square walls, lack of sliding door step, front wheel drive, availability, serviceability, and a bunch of other reasons. It is also less expensive than the Transit or Sprinter. Transits have the highest interior height and the Sprinter is the only one of the bunch that come in 4wd. Feel free to contact us for more insight as to what van is the best fit for you.
  • Buying the Vehicle: Buying the vehicle can be a daunting task as its the foundation for your entire build. We do not aid in purchasing a vehicle, that is your responsibility. We will give very generalized advice that is not specific to a particular vehicle. The best advice we can give you: spend as much as reasonably possible on a vehicle that is solid and reliable.
  • Capabilities: CVB is capable of including all of the creature comforts of home in a build. Shower, kitchen, A/C, solar, heaters, etc. Let us know what you have in mind!
  • Tear out/ demo: Projects should be brought to us as is. We cover the tear out and demo of the existing vehicle. Vans only take a couple of hours to demo so there isn’t a tremendous amount of expense involved. We dispose of everything as well. Again, experience reigns supreme here and we have the proper tools and tricks to remove everything necessary in a safe and efficient manner while leaving what needs to remain, intact (ie. wiring).
  • Materials: We cover all building materials with a few exceptions such as some appliances or specialty items that we must deem will work in the build . We don’t use recycled or second hand materials.
  • Customer Help: We understand your desire to help out alongside us to be a part of your project. Unfortunately we do not allow this for liability reasons. A lot of customers prefer to do some of the finishing details themselves like paint, install swivel seats, or other things that don’t require a shop full of tools. We totally support this as it gives you the opportunity to say “I did that.”
  • We start the build: In the case of a partial build, we start it, you complete it. We take the build however far along you’d like before handing it back over. Insulation, framing, wiring and rough plumbing are what constitute a “rough in” leaving the finish work like paneling, cabinetry, lighting, and electrical/ plumbing fixtures to be completed. We do not work on/complete the build if you have resumed construction after a rough in.